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In the case of NAPSTER, the artwork represents the torment of the company during its short life: founded by two dynamic young guys, NAPSTER has in fact united the world of young people through the free exchange of music, however circumventing the rules on intellectual property rights. The Old System, from the sofas of aristocratic salons and finance world, ordered its execution. NAPSTER was therefore symbolically destroyed and caged in a beautiful but inviolable spatio-temporal prison. The grave engravings on the crystal, the steel cables, the 4D carbon structure recycled from aeronautical components, testify the torment of the stock, which however, regardless of the gravitational effects, maintains its Free Spirit and yet rises majestic and powerful above of human rules.

Dimensions: 140cm x 80cm x 200cm (h)
Material: Recycled aeronautical carbon, steel, crystal, old wood, historical newspapers, led
Technique: hand made, hand polished, ancient and modern components, original Napster title, led lighting

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