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The WHITEBLOOD FOUNDATION Association is a de facto free association, apathetic and apolitical, with unlimited duration over time and non-profit, regulated in accordance with Title I Chap. III, art. 36 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code, as well as this Statute.

The WhiteBlood Foundation Association aims to encourage free and unconditional artistic expression, building moments and places for meeting and comparison, expressive spaces open to creativity and the arts, a starting point and reference point for anyone who wants to tell and tell about themselves through the theater, music, dance, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry and with particular reference to the research and enhancement of contemporary works and artists.

The Association promotes and organizes, without any profit-making purpose, cultural, musical, theatrical, recreational, cinematographic, animation and artistic events and participates in them with its own members, also promoted and organized by other Associations, Public and Private Bodies; promotes and organizes conferences, debates, stages, conferences, competitions, prizes, etc; promotes and organizes refresher and improvement courses in music, singing, fashion, acting, dance, painting, sculpture, photography and animation.

Sergio Durante
Sergio Durante

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, Enterpreneur, graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico of Torino in Italy, with the Specialisation in Advanced Automotive Technology, has 30 years experience in advanced research projects on technologies for the aerospace and automotive sectors. His experience embraces collaborations with worldwide brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Universities and Research Centres

Founder and president of WhiteBlood Foundation in 2021, founder of the multinational company Durante Space tech on 2018 and since 2013 founder and CEO of DIAD Group ES, has been for years the president of the Torino e-district industrial consortium, a 10.000 workforce alliance targeted at the sustainable full electric manufacturing. In 2008 founder of DIAD Group and since 2008 member of the Board of the AMRC with Boeing, the largest Manufacturing Research Facility in the World, built in Sheffield (UK) that operates for civil and military R&D. The AMRC now employs over 500 highly qualified researchers and engineers from around the globe, on the Advanced Manufacturing Park and Sheffield Business Park in South Yorkshire, as well as in Broughton and Preston with an overall investment of more then 300M Pounds.

Sergio brought in Whiteblood the technology of the recycling of the advanced carbon fibers and its fusion in the creation of innovative, 3d shining and dense of meanings artworks.

Max Veronese
Max Veronese

Max Veronese is a lawyer and founder of the Veronese & Associati law and tax firm, a professional firm operating in the area of Biella for over 15 years, he obtained a law degree with honors discussing the thesis entitled: “Online auctions: juridical profiles”, at therefore, the dawn of web 2.0 and obtained the E. Berliri University Master’s degree in Tax Law at the European School of Advanced Fiscal Studies.

The educational path also includes obtaining a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law at the Sole 24 Ore Business School and attending the post graduate course in International Trade Law at the Campus of the United Nations’ International Trade Center of the ILO in Turin and subsequently also in Turin he obtained a Master’s degree at the University of Turin LL.M.

The passion for art, philosophy, science and technology led him to be part of the Whiteblood Foundation project where he expresses his creative style in the philosophical, intellectual, conceptual, cultural and artistic research of individual works.

Veronika Statauskiene
Veronika Statauskiene

Dr. Veronika Statauskiene is graduated in marketing at University of Vilnius, with focus on international contracts and digital marketing. She address her energy to the management and exploitation of applied research in industrial sectors as Manager and Responsible of External Communication. She speaks fluently more than 5 languages (Russian, English, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian, plus Polish and Ukranian) and she was involved in several international projects to support promotion and innovation competitiveness.
She was active in the foundation of D4S, and she is one of the key persons in the establishment of the D4S international business.

From a family of artists, being the mother a worldwide known painter, the grand parents musicians and opera singers, she is bringing in WhiteBlood Foundation also an heritage of mystics arts, that imprints dramatically and deeply the artworks.

The Live Carbon

Engineer Sergio Durante a founding member of the WhiteBlood collective has participated in numerous international projects as a consultant and also through his own companies dealing with the use and recycling of carbon.

Currently, he has developed a composite based on recycled carbon that allows for craftsmanship and the use of colors within the material itself and thus suitable for exploitation in the artistic sphere and, therefore, has adopted sustainable modes of production based on the reuse of waste materials, helping to ensure possibilities of a new life for those materials that currently, once they reached the end of their use, were destined for disposal.

The reuse of raw materials will also provide benefits in terms of a reduction in energy consumption, and therefore in polluting emissions.

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